Please help us add to our inventory of places within the Corridor that are historically and culturally significant. 

Let us know about a site or resource in your community that supports our mission to preserve and protect Gullah Geechee culture and history.

We welcome your pictures too.
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The Corridor is not a park or a single site visitors can tour, but comprises many historically and culturally significant places as well as communities where people live and wish to maintain their privacy.

 Not all historically and culturally significant sites are accessible to the public.  We have a listed a few suggestions that may be of interest.  These include museums, plantations, national, state and county parks, and wildlife refuges.

This map was developed in partnership between the Commission and the Department of History, Queens University, Charlotte, NC.  The Commission extends our gratitude to Dr. Barry Robinson and students in the Applied Historical Geography class Spring Semester 2017  for development of this interactive guide to sites of significance in the Corridor.

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